ISS Opens Peer Group Submission Window July 9, 2018

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For companies having annual meetings between September 16, 2018 and January 31, 2019, ISS will open its peer group submission window next Monday, July 9th at 9 am Eastern, and the window will remain open until 8 pm Eastern on Friday, July 20, 2018. Companies that will be disclosing a change in their peer group in their upcoming proxy should seriously consider providing the updated peer group to ISS during this peer group submission window.  ISS uses the peer group submitted when it creates its peer group for companies, so ensuring ISS has your latest peers should help ensure ISS is using the latest and greatest peer group your company used for its last fiscal year. Failure to submit your peer group could cause ISS to not accurately reflect your company’s peer group when constructing its own peer group.

Companies simply need to log into their Governance Analytics account (or request an account) and submit the requested information under My Company > Peer Submission:

Companies that have not had a change in their peer group that will be reflected in their next proxy statement, do not need to submit a peer group to ISS.

ISS Open Peer Group Submission Window Until November 20

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On November 6, 2017, ISS announced that it had opened the window for companies to submit changes to their proxy-disclosed peer groups. Companies that submit updates will have ISS use their updated peer groups when ISS conducts its proxy analyses.  The submission window will remain open until 9 am Eastern on November 20.

For more information, see the ISS Press Release at:

ISS Opening Peer Group Submission Window for Companies with Late Year Meetings

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ISS announced that it will open its peer group change submission window starting 9 am Eastern on July 10, 2017.  Any companies that will have an annual meeting between September 16, 2017 and January 31, 2018 may submit changes made to their peer groups for that will be disclosed in their next proxy statement. The ISS peer group change submission window will close at 8 pm Eastern on July 21, 2017.

For companies with meetings during the time period that do not submit peer group changes, ISS will use the proxy-disclosed peer group from the company’s last filed proxy statement (i.e., generally those from last year).

For information about the peer group submission to ISS process and methodology for ISS selected peer groups for U.S. and Canadian companies, companies can visit ISS’s website,

ISS’ peer submission form can be accessed at As in prior years, ISS only permits companies to submit these peer group changes and not any third parties, such as compensation consultants, attorneys, or proxy solicitors.

Equilar’s Peer Group Submission Window Open Until December 31, 2016

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Equilar announced that companies may now submit their peer groups through December 31, 2016.  Equilar recommends companies that will file their proxies between January 15, 2017 and July 15, 2017 submit their peer groups.  The company peer groups will be used to create the company’s 2017 Equilar Market Peers™.

As a reminder, the Equilar Market Peers are used by Glass Lewis when it generates its say on pay vote recommendations.

Companies may submit their updated peer groups at:

Equilar’s FAQs on its peer group submission process and how the Equilar Market Peers may differ from the Glass Lewis Market Peers powered by Equilar can be found at: