CEPI Issues Draft Report on Global Stock Plans

CEPI Issues Draft Report on Global Stock Plans

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Last week, the Certified Equity Professional Institute (CEPI) at Santa Clara University released a draft version of its 2009 research project – GPS | Global Stock Plans. “GPS” stands for Guidance, Procedures, and Systems. The draft research report is open for public comment until September 30, 2009

The report covers several different areas of global plan design and administration, and includes “Action Items” at the end of each section to emphasize what a company should consider from a global plan perspective. Several charts laying out processes and responsibilities are also included. Also includes a glossary of common equity compensation terms in the Appendix.

Some of the suggestions detailed in the report include:

  • Undertake country-specific due-diligence to understand the cost of a plan before making final design decisions;
  • Any equity plan should incorporate flexibility to accommodate the needs of non-US locations;
  • Determining the local legal and filing requirements for plan awards;
  • Following global plan “best practices” in order to ensure a plan operates and functions better.

You can find a copy of the report at:


For more information about the CEPI, visit its website at:



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