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Dilution in the Palm of Your Hand? There’s Now an App for That!

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Dilution Calculator for Your SmartPhone – iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm or Windows Mobile

I have stumbled upon a very useful, template-driven financial calculator, powerOne calculator, that allows you to program new templates and functions.  As a first test of it I wrote a dilution calculator (code below). Feel free to copy and use this code for noncommercial purposes-you may use it freely and distribute it on an unpaid basis so long as you provide proper attribution to me: “© 2010. Edward A. Hauder’s All Rights Reserved.”

I created this with powerOne calculator for iPhone. But, there are versions for BlackBerry, Palm and Windows Mobile, available at:

You should be able to copy and paste the code below into the powerOne calculator after it is loaded onto your phone.  I have not tried it on non-iPhones, so I’d welcome any feedback on those versions. But, once there, you’ll have a dilution function (or whatever you save it as) on your phone! (Yes, say it with me, we are equity plan geeks)

Here’s the template formula for dilution/dilution calculator:

“Shares Available for Grant” “” sag ::

“Granted and Outstanding Equity Awards” “” oea ::

“ESPP and ESOP Shares Available” “” eeshares ::

“Shares Requested” “” sr ::

“Common Shares Outstanding” “” cso ::

“Basic Dilution” “” bdilution:(sag+oea+sr)/cso% ::

“Fully-Diluted Dilution” “” fdilution:(sag+oea+sr)/(cso+sag+oea+sr)% ::

“Fidelity Dilution” “” fidelitydilution:(sag+oea+sr+eeshares)/(cso+sag+oea+sr+eeshares)%

© 2010. Edward A. Hauder’s All Rights Reserved.

If you use the dilution calculator, please let me know what you think.  If there are things you like or don’t like, let me know…I just might re-program it. Also, if you have any suggestions on how it might be made better, please let me know.

I’m also working on another calculator for calculating Burn Rate – under both the RiskMetrics and traditional methodology which I hope to post in the next couple of weeks.